It is with great satisfaction and a deep sense of accomplishment that I present to you the 2013 exhibition of my paintings titled ‘Fire works’. Should have opened this exhibition in May, but there is still no better time than now. I have a lot of passion for my work. I am dedicated. I love my work. I love being an artist. I always look forward to my next exhibition. It is the tonic that keeps me going. I am always ready for my exhibitions many months ahead of time even though I still push it till the last minute. It is that desire to conquer another possibility and create something else that just may never come into existence if I do not. This is my job, my hobby, my everything, my all. It is what I do and I’m loving it. I’m never in a hurry to let go of my works in a non exhibition platform, hence I always have a repertoire waiting to be exhibited, not mentioning those reserved for retirement. Of course, my works are my gratuity and pension all in one. What can a man do? I have made my choice of a profession so I must find a way to navigate the waters in my route. Must find a way to side step a few landmines that have blown up some of my predecessors. Thank God for his grace. It’s all good and I’m still loving it. The power of the mind can conquer anything. Just believe. Get up and work it. Just believe. This is a universal principle. It works for me. Should work for anyone who believes and lives it. Talk time is in the twilight. Get on board.

Welcome to FIREWORKS – nothing compares to desire. There is a showcase of 44 works of oil and acrylic on canvas. Most of the works are recent. They showcase the consolidation of my styles viz a viz time and experience. Time has gone by and so much mileage covered. All in the spirit of improving the total picture of my creative journey, the journey of a lifetime. This is a hard core assessment of professionalism, the actual value of my time and creativity as regards total development and appraisal. If you do not understand this, never mind. You are not missing much now. You will likely do later. Time always tells. Splashillino happens to lead the pack in the exhibits. It’s about time. I feel so light having downloaded. As usual, I have written poems to accompany the works. They are intended to give an insight into the work. Stir up a dialogue with the works. The final meaning is mostly open ended. Whatever you make out of the works are what they mean, at least to you as the viewer. Guess you too have rights which I do not intend to infringe upon. Plastillino series have some works on display as well as grass series. Hope the pieces are able to communicate to you. Hope you can connect with them. Just let your mind go with the flow of the colours. No hindrances. Just instinctively fill in the intentional blank spaces. Welcome to my world. Welcome to the ignition, sparks and flames of the fireworks. Happy viewing.

D’Artist Chike Onuorah , October 2013

FIREWORKS … the explosion of creativity by Chike Onuorah
@Terra Kulture
Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island. Lagos
Oct. 5 – 11, 2013. 09:00am – 10:00pm daily
Opening Day Sat. Oct. 5, 2013 @ 2.00pm