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With the way things are going on in the world, it has become necessary for people to re-invent themselves. In this unfolding re-invention, it has also become necessary to hold on to one’s core values, the identities that are peculiar to a people.

Look around you. Listen to the radio, watch the television news or read the newspapers. Source the news on the internet, anywhere. It gets more amazing. and sometimes absolutely ridiculous. Man keeps proving to be the worst virus in all creation.

Everyday is another story. The line between good and bad is not just getting thinner but getting blurred by the day. Values are torpedoed by strange beliefs and indoctrination. Human life is no longer sacred. These days, it is just a number. May God and creation have mercy on us all.

If you don’t know where you are coming from, you will not know where you are going to. One can get caught up in the chase that selfish desperation becomes the driving tonic behind decisions. A desperate man has dwindling values.

Cherish the simple things that make us who we are. Hold on to your values. Hold on to your identity. Be proud of your heritage. It is true that a tree cannot make a forest and man is not supposed to exist in isolation. However the core essence of our being should not be lost in the quest for a self assessed upgrade.

Protect what you have. Protect your values. Protect your heritage. It is your only true identity. It is priceless.

Welcome to the exhibition PRICELESS HERITAGE – the treasures of out time.

Happy viewing.


Didi Museum, 175a, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Opening 4pm May 31 – June 9, 2014. 9pm – 7pm daily